Welcome to my blog, More Strawbabies Please! You may be wondering, “What kind of name is that for a blog? Especially for a school administrator?”  Well, the blog title holds a very special place in my heart. My daughter, who is two years old at the time this blog is being created, has always called her favorite red fruit “strawbabies.” And let me tell you, she loves her strawbabies. We eat them most mornings with our breakfast, and I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I have not heard that innocent, sweet little voice ask, “More strawbabies please, Mommy?” {And by innocent and sweet, I of course am also including the myriad of emotions that comes with a 2 year old – from The Meltdown (Give me more now or my life is OVER, and I’ll scream “strawbabies” for an hour straight) to The Bossypants (Oh you WILL give me strawbabies, because let’s not forget who runs this house) to The Lovey-Dovey (Mommy, you’re my best friend. Now why don’t you be a doll and pass those strawbabies my way, hmm?)} It’s safe to say that “strawbabies” has become a regular household word in my family. I’ve even dodged some strange looks from fellow grocery shoppers when I ask my daughter, “Should we get some strawbabies this week?”

Recently I had this crazy idea to start a blog (because apparently I don’t have enough to keep me busy?), and as I was contemplating what I’d like to title it, I started thinking that perhaps “strawbabies” had a deeper meaning than I first realized.

Just like most moms want their children to stay little forever, part of me never wants my daughter to ever grow out of saying “strawbabies.” It signifies such an innocent bliss that is a two year old’s brain, and it will forever hold a nostalgic place in my heart. Strawbabies are good for our souls. Sometimes we need to slow down and enjoy something as sweet as a silly word. When I hear, “More strawbabies please!,” I know my proverbial cup is full, and I wholeheartedly believe that taking time to be grateful for the small moments in life is a big part of overall happiness. Since becoming a mom, I’ve realized that small things are what life is made of. I hope to capture those moments in the “Mom Life” portion of my blog.

On the other hand, the realist and teacher in me don’t want my daughter to show up to kindergarden still saying “strawbabies.” (So at some point in time, I probably need to start referring to them as strawberries, huh?) Change is an inevitable part of life. Although it’s rarely easy, it’s imperative that we continually seek to learn, grow, and improve. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about enjoying the present – I simply think it can be dangerous to become complacent. Growth and change are a good thing (even when it means letting go of my precious strawbabies). This is a theme I hope to visit frequently in my blog, in both “Mom Life” and “School Life.”

When I decided to become a blogger, I kept going back and forth – Do I create a blog about my personal life or my professional life? (And will people even read it?) Ignoring the second question, I decided that both my “personal” and “professional” life are such a huge part of who I am, and they are so intertwined, that I can’t blog about one without the other. Now, I don’t plan to document every aspect of my life through this blog, as I think that would be highly uninteresting for 99.9% of readers (with my parents maybe being the .1%…maybe). However, I do hope to blog about lessons that I’ve learned, with the end goal that perhaps the lessons and ideas that I blog about can help and (maybe?) inspire others. I’m not promising anything great here – I’m what you would call a blogging newbie – but if this blog reaches just one person who finds something useful out of it (or even if it just brings a smile to one face), then it will be worth it. Welcome to my journey of growth. Here goes nothing.